FCI regulation A Frame, Dog Walk, Seesaw

Aframe 2700mm x 900mm with 1060mm contact zones. 9 slats, 25 cm spacing.                              SKIN $625

Tapered aframe 900mm (top) 1200mm (bottom) x 2700mm, 1060mm contacts, 9 slats                    SKIN $750

Dog Walk 3600mm x 300mm (3 planks) w/900mm contact zones. 12 slats, 25 cm spacing.             SKIN $425

Dog Walk 3800mm x 300mm (longer planks) w/900mm contact zones. 13 slats, 25 cm spacing.     SKIN $450

Seesaw 3600mm x 300mm with 900mm contact zones.                                                                    SKIN $120

Seesaw 3800mm x 300mm with 900mm contact zones.                                                                    SKIN $125

COLOR CHOICE FOR BOTH SECTIONS. Outside the US: ships FedEx Great Rates International.


A Frame

 9' x 36" with 42" contact zones

with 8 slats/side:  SKIN $595

without slats:        SKIN $525

Contact Zones (sold separately)

12" x 36" contact zone        SKIN $35

12" x 42" contact zone        SKIN $40

36" x 42" contact zone        SKIN $120

WITH SLATS - 12" wide sold in pairs:

2 - 12" x 36" w/2 slats ea.    SKIN$95

2 - 12" x 42" w/3 slats ea.    SKIN $115

1 - 36" X 42" w/3 slats          SKIN$195


12' x 12" with 36" or 42" contact zones

                             SKIN $120

8' X 12" with 36" or 42" contact zones

                             SKIN $95


Dog Walk (3 planks)

12' X 12" with 36" contact zones

with 8 slats             SKIN $395

without slats           SKIN $350

12' X 12" with 42" contact zones

with 10 slats            SKIN $395

without slats            SKIN $350

2- 12' x 12" ramps, 36" or 42" contacts

with slats 36" (8) 42" (10) SKIN $295

without slats 36" or 42"     SKIN $250

8' X 12" with 36" or 42" contact zones

with 7 slats              SKIN $315

without slats            SKIN $275



NOTE: AKC table must be of light color, or if combined with another color, a light color must make up 2/3 of the mix.                                      



  *************  And for all Rubber on the Run customers buying ready made SKINS:************
A specially formulated adhesive is available for purchase with most pre-made skins. STICK TO IT! is water based and contains no VOC. Easy to use, water clean up!  
PLEASE NOTE: the amount of adhesive provided has been calculated using supplier guidelines and in-lab testing by Rubber on the Run and the adhesives company, for the specific use of the rubber skins being adhered to various surfaces used for agility equipment. Should the coverage as found in the chart not followed, additional adhesive can be purchased from our website store. Keep in mind that if too much adhesive is applied it can totally block the small openings in the skin and may never dry.
  ALSO-VERY IMPORTANT: because this adhesive is water based, the way it dries is by evaporation up through the rubber skin. Depending on the application (how much is applied) and the base surface, it may take up to 5-7 days to fully dry.
If there is not enough time to allow this adhesive to dry, STICK TO IT should not be used, and an instruction sheet on how to use contact cement will be provided. Contact cement will dry in 24-48 hrs., but must be used in a well ventilated area. 
NOTE: Contact cement is the recommended adhesive for the tabletop skin due to the lengthy dry time of Stick To It- a separate detailed step-by-step instruction sheet is included.

          Each SKIN is made to the listed size, trimmed and ready to apply with the new water based adhesive "Stick To It" (contact cement is an alternative). The contact zones are glued to the color sections, and low profile slats are attached using the same "wet pour" mix as the skins. This skin can be glued to wood, aluminum, or Fiberglas.

     SKINS come with: a full page instruction sheet on how to apply and 2 small sample tubes of E-6000 glue for spot repairs. Tabletop with sides come with a larger tube of E-6000 for extra adhesion.

Pause Table

top AND all 4 sides  color or color combo.

                                    SKIN $125

top ONLY (36" square)

                                    SKIN $110

Ready made skins

we make the skins and you just glue them on!