rubberized panels

The same thin rubber formulas developed by Rubber on the Run for the ready made skins is directly applied to a 3mm aluminum composite panel. For use with any seesaw or dogwalk framework 12" wide, or aframes 36" wide x 9'. Screws are included, painted to match the color of the rubber. Many extra benefits included with this surfacing system!

obstacles, and more!

What we offer:

Rubber surfacing for agility 


pre-made rubber skins

We make the skins for you, ready to glue on your agility obstacle. The contact zones are attached to the color section, so each skin is a complete piece. This rubber skin can be applied on wood, aluminum, and Fiberglas surfaces using the proper adhesive.  Gluing instructions are included. 

To potential customers and those waiting for orders:

     I am now returning back to work at my work building. Fortunately I work on my own, with the help of my 2 dogs coming to work with me each day, so the continued COVID-19 issues are currently not a threat here.
     But as everyone knows, many things have changed in everyday life, at least for now. Getting supplies, both for personal and business use, has been different. But  it seems to be working out ok with new ways of doing things.
     Agility events seem to be getting scheduled again. Who would have thought our sport of enjoying running our dogs  on a course with friends cheering would ever be put on hold? I've been involved with the sport for over 30 years, since it began here in the US,  and this is the biggest issue I could ever imagine!
     If you've placed an order, please know I'm trying hard  to catch up. I don't plan on going anywhere or closing my business, I enjoy what I do and will continue to keep our sport safer (and let the dogs run faster!) so working in rubber is what I'm now back to doing 7 days a week again.
     Hopefully everyone waiting for their items will be patient, knowing I'm doing my best to get things made for everyone!

Stay safe, stay healthy- 

Darlene Woz, owner Rubber on the Run

The proper way to rubberize agility equipment

     Combining the two ingredients used-rubber granules and binder- is very basic. Whether it's installing running tracks, kids playgrounds, pool surrounds, or rubberizing the surface of agility obstacles, the technique is the same. According to industry standards, the binder is used per weight of the rubber granules, mixed thoroughly, spread, smoothed, and left to cure.  As the company that brought a permanent cushioned rubber surface (terming the word "skins" as the thinner layer) for obstacles to the sport of agility ten years ago, Rubber on the Run continues to be in the forefront of highest quality and best prices.

     We use color impregnated virgin rubber imported from the UK by American Recycling Center. It is a TPV rubber (high quality virgin polymer), not an EPDM rubber that is sulphur cured or a recycled rubber that is painted. The binders from American Recycling are formulas custom made by Dow Chemical- the best quality binder available. When shopping for a rubber surface for agility equipment (aframe, dogwalk, seesaw, tabletop), know the quality of the materials a company uses. Then find out how a company makes their surfacing- industry standards, or their own variation? With normal care, a rubber surface like Rubber on the Run manufactures will last AT LEAST 10 years. There is a big difference of surfaces out there- know what one you're getting!